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    ArtQuest was wonderful to work with for our wedding at the La Jolla Woman’s Club. and the food was delicious! Kathy and Victor were very responsive from the beginning and continued to blow us away as time passed. They set up a wonderful tasting, which felt very much like a private dinner. They had a lot for us to choose from both for food options and rentals and they provided great insight. The food was incredible, both at the tasting and the wedding itself. The staff at our wedding were outstanding, they were very welcoming and attentive to us and our guests all night long. It was so nice to know that on our wedding day everything was taken care of and we had nothing to worry about.

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    When you work with ArtQuest you become family. From our initial meeting, to taste testing, to meeting with all vendors: Kathy and Victor were there to answer all our questions and give suggestions when needed. I gave them a menu of Filipino and Chinese food and they nailed it, spot on. During the reception, we had separate food stations which consisted of live action stir fry for certain dishes. Our guests are still talking about the food. They totally put a twist on our cultural food without loosing the traditional flavors. I loved working with ArtQuests entire team. Their servers and cooks and setup staff were also top quality. They were super professional. They worked so hard to deliver my dream wedding. From the setup the day before until an hour before, they worked around the clock. I simply printed a photo from PinInterest and said, “I want it kind of like this but can you add this.” And everything was even better than how I imagined it in my mind. I said i wanted a lounge with couches, it was set. I wanted kids furniture for the kids play area and they had it. It seriously was like snapping my fingers and things magically appeared. Bottom line, go with ArtQuest for quality, knowledge and for having all the resources you need under one roof. I’d happily answer anyone’s questions to vouch for ArtQuest.

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    Victor and his wife are amaaaaaaaazing!!!! These folks catered our wedding and my friend is still talking about the coconut shrimp and fried pickles passed at the cocktail hour! Not only was the food wonderful (their filet was so yummy!), but Victor and his wife really designed a unique menu for us based on my husband and my likes and dislikes. For example, my husband loves pickles! So, we had fried pickles at the reception ?? Victor even took the time to experiment with the recipe before our tasting and we had various fried pickle with different batters and dips to try. The staff at the wedding was great, too, and saved us some appetizers and made sure we ate. They were great! I cannot say enough nice things about this team and would recommend them to anyone!

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    We recently used ArtQuest to cater our wedding and we could not be happier with the outcome. ArtQuest was the 2nd catering company we met with and pretty much right away we knew they were the right choice. Not only are Kathy, Victor and Diane great people but the food and service provided was incredible. Also, Diane’s husband Mario officiated our ceremony. He did a fantastic job of easing our nerves and making it a short but meaningful ceremony. Everybody at ArtQuest was so helpful with any adjustments we wanted to make and overall made the experience very enjoyable. Victor even created a new chicken dish for us after we described what we were interested in and it was a huge hit with our guests.

    The Food: First of all, the appetizers were so good that they were gone before we got any… seriously. We chose the coconut shrimp, beef teriyaki sticks and bacon wrapped scallops, all getting rave reviews. There is nothing worse than going to a wedding and being served a cold, pre-plated meal. We did a buffet style dinner and the portions were huge. Everything was fresh and delicious from the grilled mediterranean vegetables to the prime rib carving station. Absolutely, the best food I have ever had at a wedding and several guests said the same. I would definitely use them to cater other events.

    The Service: Diane was not only our flower and decorations expert, but also our day-of coordinator but she went above and beyond just coordinating the wedding day. She kept us involved throughout the process with emails and phone calls which was very helpful. Leading up to the wedding, she coordinated setup and delivery with all of our vendors and helped make changes on the fly when things didn’t go as originally planned. ArtQuest provided all of the rentals as well such as chairs, tables, linens, etc. which also made our lives easier.

    The People: The main reason we chose ArtQuest was because we immediately liked and trusted everything about them. Victor and Kathy felt like our parents setting up the wedding, concerned about everything we wanted to do and not leaving out any details. They are truly a small, family business and we felt comfortable through every step of the process.

    Choosing the right catering company is probably the most important step when planning a wedding, and we definitely made the right choice. We will recommend Artquest to all of our friends and to anybody planning their next big event. Thanks again!!!

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    KATHY & VICTOR are phenomenal! We used ArtQuest Catering for our Wedding Day on June 21, 2014. They are the BEST and ONLY choice for a catering company!

    This company is very unique, in that, they literally provided one-stop shopping options for your wedding planning. Not only do they offer catering services, but Artquest also has resources for linens, decorations, center pieces, equipment ceremony set-up and fully embellishing your ceremony or reception. They also have a multitude of connections to other vendors you may need.

    They were instrumental in introducing us to our Day-Of Wedding Coordinator, Diane Lopez, of Exquisite Designs with DLS. She was a God sent! Without her, I probably would have lost my mind from all the stress of wedding planning. They all worked together with us, to iron on the fine details of our cocktail hour, reception and time line. Countless e-mails, phone calls, face-to-face meetings all went into our planning and each time, they were so gracious and patient and VERY excited for us!

    We appreciated the opportunity to work with Kathy & Victor to customize Reception and Bar menus. This allowed us to express our own personal tastes at our wedding……….everything came out so delicious! Their world class traveling experience has allows them to provide the best tastes which can entice any palate from any background.

    On the day of our wedding, the presentation and taste of all the food just blew us away! Everything tasted even better than it did at our initial tasting, 1 year prior! Specific compliments that we received were that “this was the BEST food I have EVER been served at a wedding in my life!” and “I’m already full, but I can’t stop eating, because everything tastes so good”.

    The staff was very professional and attentive to our needs and the needs of our guests. We had several family with specific dietary needs who were happily accommodated – gluten free, vegetarian, vegan.

    ArtQuest Catering delivers the highest quality service to their bride’s and groom at an affordable cost. They really know their stuff! Their years of experience was very apparent throughout the entire planning process and execution of services on our wedding day. We could not have been more pleased!

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